Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Best Cycling Stretches for Women

We sit hunched over our handlebars, sometimes for hours at a time. It’s not a natural position, and eventually our bodies need some realignment in order to feel normal again. But we can do some basic cycling stretches before and after our rides to limber up our muscles and keep them working smoothly. Some of these can be done mid-ride as well, if you’re feeling tightness.

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QUEEN – “I Want to Ride My Bicycle”

Do you find this video fun, weird, inappropriate, or something else? Do you love it or hate it? Personally, I think it’s fun, and a great anthem to have in your head while pedaling around. QUEEN – I Want to Ride My Bicycle What other cycling-related videos do you like, and why? Are there any aimed specifically at us women (maybe with some nekkid men)?

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Bike-2-Power: Charge Your Smartphone With Every Pedalstroke

The concept behind this product is that each pedalstroke on your ride helps to provide energy that charges your smartphone.  Pretty rad, huh? This is a TRUE bicycle phone charger! Just to state this upfront: I’ve not had an opportunity to try this product yet, so I’m anxious to hear from those of you that have. Ok, so it’s not terribly cheap, and the equipment you have to attach to your bike doesn’t look like it’s going to be light. If you’re a weight freak about your bike, this isn’t going to be the solution for you, that’s for sure! However, if you’re embarking on a long, multi-day charity ride like I am, weight may not be the first thing you’re concerned about – especially knowing that there will be …

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