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Re-launch and The Goal! (this one gets long, folks)

Let’s get this site back up and running! This site started out as having a goal of being a community for girl cyclists to share routes, diets, recipes (for things like recovery shakes, nutrition bars, etc.), equipment reviews, race & training triumphs, etc. But it never really got off the ground.

As of last week though, because of a challenge I’ve just signed up for, I’d like this site to focus on women’s sports fitness in general! Not just cycling!

Today My friend Cathy suckered me into signing up for the Chattanooga, TN Half Ironman coming up in May, 2016! To understand how ridiculous this is, you’d have to realize that a) I don’t swim with my head in the water (yet); b) I’ve hardly ridden my bike at all in the last 2 years; and c) I haven’t run in more than 30 years (although, back then I actually lettered in track and cross country, so I know I’m *capable* of running).


Sure, I’ve done some good long-distance cycling in the 3 times I’ve participated in AIDS LifeCycle (a fully-supported 545-mile charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 7 days), but that’s not a race. I got suckered into *that* ride too! LOL

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve got some big inspirational story to share here. I’m just an ordinary girl. I’m not overweight, I have a pretty decent metabolism (yes, I’m very lucky, and I know that being in my mid-40’s means that I’m just a short turn of the corner into some messed up pre-menopause crap), and I’m not in the *worst* shape imaginable. I’m also not in *great* shape because I spend most of my days (and nights) sitting at a computer programming and designing. I needed a *big* goal to motivate me to get off my butt and start *doing* something physical. Let’s add to this my severe adult ADD (which I know is improved when I’m physically active), and being a vegetarian (lifelong…this isn’t something new, but that doesn’t mean I eat healthy all the time either).

Now, I’m not suggesting any of these are huge obstacles to overcome. Not at all. But here’s what I’m thinking:

I’m not the only one in this sort of in-between physical and mental state of fitness.

Over the next 9 months, I plan to share all my ups and downs of training, learning to eat better, learning to balance working from home with an increasingly crazy training schedule and running an opera company (oh, did I forget to mention that earlier?), my first races in preparation for the 70.3, etc., etc.

I hope you’ll join me. And I hope you’ll participate in conversations, *start* conversations, ask questions, answer questions, make suggestions, etc. This is for the every-girl reaching for something pretty big…then hopefully reaching further after that.

About Laura Sage

Laura Sage
Laura is a single mom to two great kids, and works from home doing website & graphic design. She is also a professional classical singer & violinist, and has formed her own opera company specializing in performing lesser-known operatic works - the Lyric Opera of Los Angeles. She is also attending UMASS Amherst (University Without Walls) pursuing a degree in Arts Marketing with an emphasis in Social Media Marketing. Laura took up cycling about 5 years ago when a good friend of hers told her that she needed something new to focus on during a divorce and custody fight. He was right. Having not ridden a bike since middle school, Laura jumped right in and started training for AIDS LifeCycle - a 545-mile charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles - and is about to embark on the journey for a third time.

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