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Riding with Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are relatively new for me. I didn’t have them growing up in the South when pollen counts were insane, and I didn’t really have them for many years after moving to California either. But in the last few years, I have definitely developed miserable seasonal allergies that have kept me off the bike at times.

I’ve found a combination that helps me, but I’d be curious to hear what you find useful as well. Here’s my remedy:


  • Sinex nasal spray
  • Claritin D


  • BioAllers Sinus & Allergy Relief Spray (homeopathic) – 2 sprays in each nostril whenever necessary


  • More Sinex just before bed, if necessary

Ok, this isn’t terribly exciting, and not much of a routine. But it seems to be working. I’m sure there are other methods too, and I’d love to hear about which products work best for you and why, especially if there are reasons relating to your cycling that you’ve chosen the solutions you have.


About Laura Sage

Laura Sage
Laura is a single mom to two great kids, and works from home doing website & graphic design. She is also a professional classical singer & violinist, and has formed her own opera company specializing in performing lesser-known operatic works - the Lyric Opera of Los Angeles. She is also attending UMASS Amherst (University Without Walls) pursuing a degree in Arts Marketing with an emphasis in Social Media Marketing. Laura took up cycling about 5 years ago when a good friend of hers told her that she needed something new to focus on during a divorce and custody fight. He was right. Having not ridden a bike since middle school, Laura jumped right in and started training for AIDS LifeCycle - a 545-mile charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles - and is about to embark on the journey for a third time.

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