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Best Cycling Stretches for Women

We sit hunched over our handlebars, sometimes for hours at a time. It’s not a natural position, and eventually our bodies need some realignment in order to feel normal again. But we can do some basic cycling stretches before and after our rides to limber up our muscles and keep them working smoothly. Some of these can be done mid-ride as well, if you’re feeling tightness.

Back Extension

Woman Practising Yoga AsanaSometimes called “upward facing dog”, this back extension stretch is performed while you lie on your stomach and use your arms to gently raise your torso . Some may make it only to their elbows while others may be able to put the palms of their hands on the floor.

Cat Stretch

cat-poseStart from a position on your hands and knees, arch and lower your back to stretch the spine. Remember to breathe!





Lower Back Stretch

24129-1_aslLie down on your back and gently pull one leg across your chest and tr and touch the knee to the ground.





Glute Stretch

glutestretchLie on the floor and cross one leg over the other, then hold the leg that is furthest away and pull it towards your chest.




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