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Bike-2-Power: Charge Your Smartphone With Every Pedalstroke

The concept behind this product is that each pedalstroke on your ride helps to provide energy that charges your smartphone.  Pretty rad, huh? This is a TRUE bicycle phone charger!

Just to state this upfront:

I’ve not had an opportunity to try this product yet, so I’m anxious to hear from those of you that have.

Ok, so it’s not terribly cheap, and the equipment you have to attach to your bike doesn’t look like it’s going to be light. If you’re a weight freak about your bike, this isn’t going to be the solution for you, that’s for sure!

However, if you’re embarking on a long, multi-day charity ride like I am, weight may not be the first thing you’re concerned about – especially knowing that there will be very few (if any) electrical outlets available in camp. Your main concern is going to be not running out of juice for your phone in the middle of a long day, and being able to take pictures along the way, upload to social media each evening, communicate with your friends and family along the way, etc.

portableiphonechargerI’ve done AIDS LifeCycle twice now, and am looking forward to a third time in a couple of weeks. In the past, I’ve used a nifty and cheap little battery-operated charger that fit in my jersey pocket, but required 4 AA batteries each night to get the phone up to a full-charge (plus maybe another set of spare batteries to keep it from running down during the long days. But the worst part about this solution is having to carry a big brick of batteries around in your luggage. That brick is HEAVY, man! On the other hand, this little doo-dad can cost less than $10 on eBay, which is very nice on the pocketbook.

Enter the Bike-2-Power Smartphone Charger!!!

Official Description:

SpinPOWER uses the rider’s own pedal power to charge the mobile devices while cycling. It can be used to charge smartphones, USB bicycle lights, and other USB-chargeable devices.

There are bundled kits for various types of phones and other purposes – here’s a kit specifically for the iPhone 5 (and if you’re an ALC LifeCycle participant, there are even discounts available)!

Check it out. Let me know what you think of it if you give it a try, and let me know what you think of it if you already have it and have used it. I would like to get one for myself once funds are available, but I’ll be checking folks out during the big ride in June to see what THEY think of it as well.

Happy Riding, and Happy Charging!

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Laura Sage
Laura is a single mom to two great kids, and works from home doing website & graphic design. She is also a professional classical singer & violinist, and has formed her own opera company specializing in performing lesser-known operatic works - the Lyric Opera of Los Angeles. She is also attending UMASS Amherst (University Without Walls) pursuing a degree in Arts Marketing with an emphasis in Social Media Marketing. Laura took up cycling about 5 years ago when a good friend of hers told her that she needed something new to focus on during a divorce and custody fight. He was right. Having not ridden a bike since middle school, Laura jumped right in and started training for AIDS LifeCycle - a 545-mile charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles - and is about to embark on the journey for a third time.

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